Welcome to the Signs of God

National Photo Contest!

We want to see where you have seen God recently or where you see God in your daily life. It can be a photo of a church, cross, bumper sticker, t-shirt, or sign. There are many ways to see God in this country, and we want to know where you have found him recently, so do not feel limited to the literal. If you see God in a child, animal, or landscape, show us! We have been inspired by what you have shared with us already, and we know that there is great potential for more. Whether you have taken your photo with a phone or a camera, upload it to enter our contest today!

You could be the big winner!

The winnerof our photo contest will be in the running to be featured on the cover of our next editions! You will also receive 5 free copies of Signs of God. Submit as many as you want!

Please note your participation in the contest allows Signs of God LLC to use your images in our books, marketing, and online materials.

Where was this photo taken?

Please select the state you are submitting for from the map below. It will take you to a state-specific submission page, where you can tell us more about the photograph and about yourself!